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Hum Sab Baraati

Hum Sab Barati Hai is a sitcom built around a family of wedding planners. The family claims to be a one stop solution for any wedding, with each member of the family responsible for the various tasks required in a wedding right from the tent, food catering, venue to mehndi, makeup and guest entertainment. 1 Chandu(Tiku Talsania) and Nathu(Dilip Joshi) are brothers who handle their father's business of wedding planners. A wedding is on going. Nathu never lets go of an opportunity to market their services. He is reprimanded by the father of the bride. Maganlal Shah, a diamond merchant when he tries to coax him to hire their services. The bride's father is sad as the groom asks for one lac dowry. Chandu tells him to give money from their payment. Maganlal is impressed by their good nature and then he decides that the Baraatis will be the wedding planners for his daughter's wedding.

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