Hum Paanch....tadka Maar ke Tv Show

Hum Paanch....tadka Maar ke

Anand Mathur(Ashok Saraf) and his family is back from America after many years. Kajal Bhai( Bhairavi Raichura) decides to throw a party to announce their come back. Bina(Shoma Anand), Meenakshi( Vandana Pathak), Sweety (Rakhi Tandon) and Chhoti(Pushtiie) agree to this party. Kajalbhai manages to convince Sattar Bhai(Rajendra Butala) to sponsor the party. The theme of the party is Bollywwod. So Anand and his family dress up as different characters of bollywood films. Pooja Aunty (Aruna Singal) dresses up as a bar dancer. Kajal and her sisters are angry on the event manager as neither film stars nor any news reporters have attended the party. The girls come up with the plan of calling the news reporters with the false story of Pooja trying to self immolate in protest. What follows is a laugh riot with the reporters asking questions and meenakshi and her sisters giving false testimonies. However, Anand tells the reporters the truth and they all end up announcing their return to entertain the viewers.

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