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: 'Kammal' which literally means a 'Lotus flower' is a story of a sweet and innocent girl named Kammal (Kirti Gaikwad) who is brought up by three bar dancers Rama (Pratima Kazmi), Shabbo (Zahida Parveen) and Rita. They bring up Kammal with lot of care and affection and keep her away from the harsh truths of life. The story takes a major twist when a rich young boy named Manav (Sandeep Baswana) falls in love with Kammal but his family opposes their relationship on knowing Kammal's background. Character of Anita is replaced by Ashlesha Sawant. Episode 1: A priest tells the importance of a lotus flower while offering prayers. Rama, Shabbo and Rita take little Kammal for admission in a school. Despite of being a brilliant student, Kammal does not get an admission as the Principal comes to know about Rama, Shabbo and Rita's profession. They feel dejected but do not give up hopes and raise Kammal with lot of care and affection. Kammal (Kirti Gaikwad) grows up to be a beautiful young girl. It is time for triple celebration at the Jajoo household. The eldest son Swayam (Ronit Roy) and his wife Tripti (Amita Chandekar) celebrate their wedding anniversary while the second son Manav (Sandeep Baswana) is returning from the US and their daughter Maniya's marriage is getting fixed. Manav's childhood sweetheart Anita comes to receive him at the airport and everyone at the Jajoo house gets elated on seeing Manav. As always, Swayam does not turn up at the party and is lying in a beer bar. Manav goes in search of Swayam and comes across some goons fighting among themselves. Manav gets scared and enters a house, where he meets Kammal.

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